SysML example

A case study in SysML modeling with Modelio


The following SysML example provides the model of a complex system, using the Modelio SysML Architect module. This case study has already been presented in literature [M. V. Linhares et al] and is based on the modeling of an industrial automation unit, which expresses different operations and control strategies. In our case study, we will present the high level models which are modeled using the SysML Architect module developed by Modelio.

Modeling methodology

Modeling starts at the highest level of the industrial automation unit, by first modeling the different top level components of the system. Next, a behavioral SysML use case diagram is presented, to determine the different case scenarios present in the system. Following that, we gradually descend to the low level components and illustrate their relative aspects, such as behavior expressed via SysML diagrams such as state and sequence diagrams.

Top level modeling

Modeling subsystems

Modeling other aspects of the automation unit


M. V. Linhares et al. 2006. Empirical Evaluation of SysML through the Modeling of an Industrial Automation Unit. In 11th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation. Prague, Czech Republic.