Modelio helps companies and individuals save time and money, increase efficiency and maximize flexibility.

Modelio is an enterprise-class open source modeling solution delivering unrivalled functionality for business, software and infrastructure architects. Companies and individuals can gain all the benefits of the Modelio open source ecosystem and leverage Modelio's enterprise-targeted solutions to maximize business profit and growth.


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Save Time and Money

Customize Modelio to your needs

Modelio's wide range of modules enable you to configure a bespoke solution for your needs. This ensures that you only pay for the features you need, and ensures a high Return on Investment (RoI). Modelio comes with a large set of existing off-the-shelf modules, and developers are encouraged to create and contribute their own through the Modelio open source ecosystem.

Shorten time-to-market

Modelio supports reverse-engineering and automatic code generation features and quick model refactoring using macros. These automated tools reduce testing time, improve maintainability and compress development timelines, ensuring that projects are implemented quickly and products reach the marketplace faster.

Extensibility and customization features

Maximize Business Flexibility

Create a foundation for extensibility

Modelio's permissively licensed add-on module framework is designed to make it the most active ecosystem for customisation, innovation
and development of new modeling solutions. Companies and individuals can develop both open source and proprietary add-ons, giving users
the maximum choice on how to expand on Modelio’s firm, open foundations.


Benefit from open source

Modelio is completely open source. Should you want to stop using a commercial distribution, you can continue using the open source
version of Modelio. You can also import/export models to and from users of the open source edition of Modelio, and "plug in" new open source modules.

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Improve Team Collaboration

Create custom workflows

Modelio makes it easy to organize, coordinate and synchronize your modeling projects, even for large distributed teams. Modelio can be configured to adapt team cooperation to the specific context and procedures of your project through custom workflows, and also supports process traceability for audit purposes.

Easily manage, distribute and share work

Centralized administration capabilities, automated consistency checks and built-in integration with popular version control systems enable business architects, developers and administrators to efficiently communicate, cooperate and share work product with each other.

Teamwork cooperation features

Increase Return on Investment

Integrate with existing infrastructure

Modelio plays well with popular IDEs and version control systems (Eclipse, Visual Studio and Subversion), allowing you to leverage your existing investments in tooling software without significantly increasing your organization's training costs and your development team's learning curve.

Benefit from standards compliance

Modelio has been an OMG participant since 1996 and Modelio exhibits strong support of all relevant standards, including UML2, BPMN2, XMI, SysML, and others. This ensures that models translate well between distributed teams and remain viable over a longer period.

Details on UML and BPMN features

Ensure the global consistency in models

Modelio Constellation is a model management tool that makes it possible to administrate projects and models in a wide network by defining the role of the stakeholders, structuring projects with their dependencies, sharing, and reuse. Among the many features provided by this web tool are traceability, administration, projects portfolio management, impact analysis, reuse and sharing, automated tasks, and activity logs.

Improve Quality

Benefit from automatic code generation

Modelio enables developers to build conceptual models and then directly translate these into working code implementations through automatic code production. Code generation features are designed by experts and reflect systematic application of current best practices.

Increase long-term maintainability with documentation and consistency checking

Modelio's built-in consistency checks enforce quality and traceability, and can also automatically generate documentation, a task that developers are typically reluctant to undertake. Modelio's compliance with current industry standards ensures that your models remain valuable over a longer period.


Ergonomics and consistency features

Reduce Business Risk

Get peace of mind with warranties and technical support

All Modelio products come with Modelio's built-in distribution warranty, guaranteeing that you are  using tested, certified products. Modelio's customers additionally benefit from Modelio's technical support services and from the vibrant Modelio open source community, which protects your investment through forum support, contributions, bug reports and quick fixes.

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Take advantage of bespoke consulting

Modelio can develop new modules to extend and adapt Modelio to particular methodologies and practices, or to provide specific code generation for defined targets. Modelio can also provide on-site or classroom training sessions for all uses of Modelio, ensuring that users are able to begin using Modelio as quickly as possible.

Information about the consulting services

Access support and services through an international network

Modelio works closely with an international network of partners to build, optimize, and deliver complete solutions to its customers. Partners provide value added services and complementary solutions covering various regions and industries around the globe.

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